2013 craft beer advent calendar

[twitter]Yes, I know it’s Labour Day Weekend, but if you want one of the best Christmas presents ever, you need to do it now.

My wife surprised me with a Craft Beer Advent Calendar last December, and after seeing the Tweets from @CraftBeerImport this week she asked if I’d like to do it again.

Um, yes!

The Craft Beer Advent Calendar is just what you think it is, a big box with 24 numbered doors on the side. You open one each morning with the same excitement as your kids except instead of chocolates or toys inside, there is beer. Delicious, unique, interesting, craft beer.

The 2013 Craft Beer Advent Calendar will feature 10 Canadian, 13 US, and 1 Mexican craft beer. I’m excited for the 2013 edition, after 2012’s creative adventure through unique European craft brewers.

If you browse through the Craft Beer Imports portfolio, you might get an idea of what to expect.

Cerveza Cucapa, Mexico
In 2002 one of the first micro-breweries in Mexico opens its doors: The Brewery of Baja California. After three years of planning a brewpub, the bar opened with one clear mission: a pleasant and simple concept, with ambience and most importantly fresh craft beer.

Bulwark, Nova Scotia
Settlers first started growing cider apple varieties in this Valley in the early 1600’s with many of those varieties being exported to England during the 19th century. BULWARK ‘Original’s unique character and flavours are meant as a tribute to those 400 years of apple growing tradition in the Valley.

Blue Blood Brewing, United States
Blue Blood Brewing Company was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska on the premise of a great friendship and love of great beer. Its founders work hard, and that hard work is translated into the beer that they brew.

So how do you order a Craft Beer Advent Calendar? Hit up your favorite beer store and ask. Dave, The Beer Guy at Willow Park can set you up.

— David Gingrich (@Dave_TheBeerGuy) August 30, 2013

You can also pre-order at any number of liquor stores in Alberta including Sobeys, Co-Op, Liquor Depot, and the specialty stores too. BC Liquor Stores will also be carrying the Craft Beer Advent Calendar this year.

Make sure you contact your favorite retailer and ask if they are carrying it and PRE-ORDER TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. They may be assembling close to 1000 Craft Beer Advent Calendars at the depot, but they will sell out as quickly as they can build them, so get on the list. Just follow the Craft Beer Advent Calendar on Facebook for more information.

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