Prairie Oyster Sausage From The Missing Link

Prairie Oyster sausage. How big is your meat?

Not content with chowing down on the best midway food the Calgary Stampede has to offer, this weekend I fired up the home grill and had a prairie oyster sausage.

Prairie oysters, or rocky mountain oysters, are bull testicles. Maybe you’d prefer to call them calf fries, swinging beef, dusted groins, or cowboy caviar. If you’re from Spain or Argentina, you’d called them huevos de toros.

As part of the Centennial Stampede celebration, The Missing Link sausage company came up with a fantastic recipe to serve up the leftovers after bulls become steers.

Before you get all queasy, the sausage is mostly chicken then it’s tossed with spicy jalapeno, and whiskey. So when I say “prairie oysters taste like chicken,” I’m not really lying.

The result is a loose, spicy sausage that wouldn’t have you gulping twice unless I told you what you had just eaten.

It’s good, and it’s HUGE. At $10/pound, or $5 a sausage, it’s worth grabbing to throw on the grill to celebrate Stampede.

Bonus reason to visit The Missing Link in the Calgary Farmer’s Market? They’re the supplier of the delicious chicken sausage used in The Naaco Truck‘s award winning Naaco Bites.

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