Red's Diner Strawberry French Toast

Strawberry Brie French Toast | Red’s Diner | 1415 4 St SW Calgary

[twitter]The sign said it all. It promised the Strawberry Brie French Toast would be awesome. It was.

Red’s Diner is a cute little brick building on the 4th St in SW Calgary. Just north of the Mission district, almost up into the Beltline. My wife has long seen lineups of people outside and so, on the Sunday morning during our Child Free Week, she suggested we go check out this place with the rooster on the awning.

The staff is funky and polite. You’ll see green hair, big earrings, and Betty Page style. The room is bright and bathed in sunlight. The walls are that shade of yellow that just reminds you of a friendly warm kitchen.

When you stop to give your name at the door, make sure you do a quick right. There’s a fresh pot of coffee on and a stack of mugs so you don’t have to wait to actually get inside for your morning fix.

We enjoyed our breakfast at Red’s Diner. There’s a big booth in the back that’s perfect for families, and we saw other hipsters with their charges saddled up with high chairs.

Loved it.


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