Where Are Calgary’s Food Trucks?


[twitter]If you’re looking for a fun and different lunch, try chasing one of Calgary’s Food Trucks. The fusion food on wheels is proving so popular in the city, the pilot project has ballooned from an initial fleet of 10 trucks to more than 30.

Finding the location of Calgary’s Food Trucks is best done via Twitter.

Each of the trucks, if they’re on their game and worth the hunt, will post their location details in the morning. While you’re having breakfast, have a peek at your favorites to see if a food truck will be near you.

Shogun Teppanyaki today? Maybe you want to hunt down the Perogy Boyz? Alley Burger is always a favorite. The Naaco Truck is award-winning. Los Compadres is classic and authentic.

You can also use the Calgary Street Food App to chase the trucks. It’s a great geolocating app that will plot where you are, and where all the trucks plan to be that day. With so many trucks on the road (and more being added each day) the Calgary Food Trucks App is a great way to find a new favorite meal on wheels.

Calgary’s food truck pilot project has expanded so much that the city has put a cap on the number of applications it will green light for new trucks. The pilot started in the summer of 2011 as a way for City Hall to work on cutting red tape. It’s working well.

To track down Calgary’s Food Trucks, check out this  complete list of Calgary Food Trucks Twitter and Facebook Accounts.


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