In addition to your work experience, you need an IT certification to validate your knowledge and skills in the field of Information Technology. The credentials prepare you for better career opportunities. With a certificate, you can take up a more challenging and more rewarding job role. For the professionals working or planning to work with Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft 70-742 is one of the certification exams that will lead you to the attainment of the MCSA credential.

The Microsoft 70-742 exam is designed for the IT professionals looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills in Windows Server 2016. The testis designed to evaluate one’s skills in installation, calculation, and storage using WS 2016. The candidates taking the exam must have expertise in managing identities by using the functionalities, which are available in Windows Server 2016. They should have competence in installing, managing, maintaining, configuring Active Directory (AD) Domain Services, as well as be able to implement GPOs.

The Exam-Labs Website Click Here on This Link applicants should also be familiar with the implementation and management of AD Certificate Services, Web Application Proxy, AD Rights Management Services, and AD Federation Services. The Microsoft 70-742 exam leads the MCSA certificate, and it is aimed at those individuals who are just starting their journey within the IT world. Therefore, if you are looking to take up an entry-level job role in the field, this credential and test are definitely for you.

Key Details Related to Microsoft 70-742 Exam

The certification exam is made up of between 40 and 60 questions, and the candidates have about 120 minutes for the completion. To attain success in the test, the students must achieve the passing score of 700 points on a scale of 1000. You can expect a wide array of formats in this exam. This includes drag & drop, active screen, case study, hot area, and build list. The test takers are required to pay the exam fee of $165 before they schedule Microsoft 70-742. You should know that this fee is valid for a single exam. In other words, if you don’t pass the test and you have paid for it, you will be required to pay another fee to try again. For those individuals who are the Microsoft Certified Trainers or the Microsoft Partner Network Program Members, they can get a significant discount on their exam fee.

Before attempting this Microsoft certification test, it is critical that you study its topics. The subjects that the applicants are required to study prior to taking the exam are highlighted below:

 Installing& configuring AD Domain Services: 20-25%;
 Managing &maintaining AD DS: 15-20%;
 Creating and managing Group Policy: 25-30%;
 Implementing AD CS: 10-15%;
 Implementing Identity Federation & Access Solutions: 15-20%.

There are various recommended study resources that the students can use to prepare for this exam. Go through the Microsoft certification webpage to learn more about these study materials. In addition to this, you can also check Exam-Labs for the relevant prep tools that include exam dumps, training videos, and practice questions.

The candidates have the opportunity to cancel or reschedule the test for any reason within five working days. You can also cancel up to 24 hours before the exam. It is important to know that there is a penalty fee for canceling it close to the test date. Sometimes, you might not get the refund of the exam fee you have paid. It is highly recommended that you go through the exam policies on the certification page to learn more about this. There are no formal prerequisites for taking the Microsoft 70-742test. However, it is recommended that the students have some level of experience in it. You should be familiar with implementing and managing AD CS as well as Web Application Proxy before you attempt the exam.

There are numerous opportunities open to the candidates who earn the MCSA certification. After earning this credential, one can take up job roles, such as a System Administrator,  Network Engineer, a System Engineer, ora Network Administrator. Suffice to mention that your level of experience has a lot to do with the kind of job you get with MCSA.

Preparation Options Related to Microsoft70-742 Exam

To take this certification exam, you must be adequately prepared. Most times, the simple things are what make a big difference in your preparation for success and otherwise. It is crucial that you prepare in the right way in order to pass your Microsoft 70-742.

The first thing you should do when preparing is to go through the exam guide or syllabus. This is available on the certification page for free. Go through it and understand different topics and subtopics that you need to study before you attempt the exam. Secondly, choose your study materials carefully. There are numerous resources that are being peddled for the certification test but you have to be careful in your choice. Use tools recommended by Microsoft, and if you have to get additional resources, ensure you get them from reputable platforms such as Exam-Labs. The Microsoft Learning platform also has a wide array of study materials that you can use.

There is instructor-led training, online self-paced training, book resources, and practice tests. Although the Microsoft Learning platform has a wealth of resources, you should also consider other training websites. This will help you learn the exam objectives from the experts with different perspectives other than what is available on the Microsoft webpage. Additionally, take practice tests repeatedly. This is the best way to evaluate your knowledge of the exam content.


Microsoft 70-742 is not such a difficult test if you apply your mind to study and prepare for it. If you have some level of experience in the IT industry, you will find the exam topics a bit easier. The candidates without experience can also pass it at their first attempt if they dedicate enough time to study. That is why don’t be afraid to try, especially if you have great preparation platforms such Microsoft and Exam-Labs.

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