Google Birthday Doodle

[twitter]Did you know Google does personalized doodles for your birthday?

Well they do.

I’d say.. go run and check now, but unless it’s your birthday today, it won’t work. Today is my birthday, and as I kicked open a new tab in Chrome, this fun little Google birthday doodle popped up.

At first I thought it was maybe the anniversary of the invention of cake, or the Happy Birthday song, or some other confectionary anniversary. But no, it’s my birthday and Google saluted me with a Google Birthday Doodle.

Yes, just as Facebook announces your birthday to all your friends and the world, so to must Google remember that special day with your own Google Birthday Doodle that links to your own Google+ page.

But I’m the only one that sees it. Perhaps the Google Birthday Doodle on all my connections’ pages with a link to my Google+ would have been a fun way to serve some traffic? Now that’s a birthday present, Google.

I’m also getting random emails from companies that have my personal information.

Princess Cruises sent an animated e-Card featuring a boat sliding across a Caribbean scene. No discount or offer, just a Happy Birthday message.

Adidas served up a Happy Birthday email with a coupon code for 15% off valid for my entire birthday week.

Starbucks, Boston Pizza, Booster Juice, Orange Julius, Dairy Queen, Red Robin, Milestones, Marble Slab … will all give you something for free on your birthday IF you join their mailing list.

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