Lando Calrissian and Isaiah Mustafa

[twitter]Twitter gives you access.

Celebrities are just like you and me in this wild world of social media, and the twitter handle is their phone number. Sometmes, they answer.

Yesterday I saw a tweet from @IsaiahMustafa, you might remember him as the “Old Spice Guy,” asking if anyone knew where to find a Lando Calrissian costume.

Wait a second. That new trailer from JJ Abrams is floating around. It’s probably for a book he has coming out in the fall, but JJ is also set to direct the new Star Wars movies on the horizon. With prequels, as well as a continuation of the saga on the menu, some of the old characters will need new characters.

There have been some Star Wars cast rumors that Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron are being considered by Disney. Gosling’s role is uncertain, but Efron could be cast as Luke Skywalker‘s son.

Could Mustafa be cast as Calrissian?  I threw a tweet back to the manly man and had this conversation.

tweeting with Isaiah Mustafa
Can you imagine: Lando… on a horse?


And, just for fun, here’s a fan trailer for Star Wars Episode VII due in about 22 months.

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