Me And My 11 Blogs

[twitter] Hi, my name is Buzz and I like to blog and tweet.

As it stands now I have 8 blogs of my own and I contribute to 3 others. I also have at least 8 twitter accounts I manage or contribute to.

It’s a little overboard. But I like it, it keeps me on my toes.

My buddy @JayPiddy from Powershifter had me getting another 4 blogs yesterday when he ran me through tumblr. I’d had the account for years (I often squat on new internet tools when they come out and then forget about them).

I’d been squatting on a few domains that were sitting idle and I realized that tumblr is a super-easy way to quickly curate content in a People of Walmart sort of way. You can install a simple Chrome extension that lets you post on the fly. Like Facebook, Tumblr also lets you email posts to your tumblog from the field, so it’s easy to add thoughts, photos or videos.

Here are the blogs I’m managing, as it stands today:
My technology and media blog is my oldest. This is the first domain I purchased and I’ve been writing online with the ‘cyberbuzz’ handle since 1996.
The one you’re reading right now. This blog started as a MySpace project in 2005-ish before migrating over to my own domain. I write a lot about my local adventures around Calgary here. I’ll also editorialize and tell personal anecdotes. It’s a catch all for content that may not fit in my other sites.
My parenting blog was started in 2009. It can also be found at, but I’ve just purchased the simpler, and will be using that more. I write most of the content, but I do accept submissions from other parents with stories to tell.
A tumblog for my son, Charlie.
A tumblog for my son, Zacharie.
I’m a fan of Calgary’s Mayor and this tumblog will show that. Naheed Nenshi was one of the first twitter people I ‘met’ when I moved here. I like the way he governs the city by listening to all sides before deciding on what’s right, or left. He’s a non-partisan in the true sense of the word. I’ve often described him as Politician 2.0. He does what makes sense instead of what ideologically matters.
A tumblog to compile the fun failures that Dads are usually a part of. It’s also at

Then there are the blogs I contribute to:
I’m trying to get my wife into the social media world so I’ve set up a blog and Twitter account (@winejennifer) for her to grow her business of selling wine in the city. Mostly now it’s me tweeting and blogging for her while she gets her head around the new media.

The Future Shop Tech Blog
I’ve been doing gadget reviews, news stories and social media commentary for Future Shop since 2007.
I started as a contributor to Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club in the spring of 2011. I enjoy bringing my DadCAMP perspective to the readers and bloggers on the other side of the bed.

Yes, only 10 blogs are on that list. I have one more I’d like to keep under wraps until it gets a little momentum 😉

What about you? Where do you play online?

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