One Million Page Views

One million. Well, if you want to get nitty, 1.2 million. That’s how many page views the silly stories I wrote gathered in 2015.

For the first time in 20 years of writing online, I’m a blogging millionaire.

Small potatoes for others on the scene, but big potatoes for me.

Yes, 20 years of blogging. I bought the domain in May of 1997 after spending a bit of time writing a column for our radio station’s website, What started out as a Cool Site of the Day type list, turned into a radio feature, turned into a newspaper column, turned into a tv column, turned into a personal blog, then a parenting blog, and even a travel blog.

It’s all part of  what I call the cyberbuzz media network. While many bloggers toss all their thoughts into one URL basket, for some reason I started dividing out my niches.

So there’s The Blog According to Buzz for editorials, personal and local stories. DadCAMP is where you can watch my boys grow up.  cyberbuzz is still all things tech and geek. And, new in 2015, was Local Pony, a place where I’m sharing my travel adventures.

One day I might bring them back in as branches to a trunk, but for now they’re all out there (along with the individual social media accounts to go with them) and in 2015, they collected 1.2 million page views from more than 435 000 different people.

These numbers are important because this blog is monetized as a way to raise money for Team Diabetes Canada. In 2015, more than $20 000 was raised by posting branded content across the network, and I’ve got bigger goals for 2016.

I’ve created a Work With Buzz page where you can see more about the numbers for the site, the work I’ve done for clients (and readers), and how supporting this site helps the millions of Canadians living with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Thanks for your support!

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