[twitter]They did a couple of cool geeky tricks at WordCamp Vancouver.

First off, they printed the WiFi password upside down on the nametags. When you flipped it back up, you could easily read the codes. Genius.

Next up was a very cool pen that contained the entire conference schedule. When they handed out the pens they quickly said “the schedule is in your pen.” I didn’t really think about it until I needed to look up a session and a colleague said “it’s in your pen.” And then he pulled it out.

Woah. That is so cool. The coolest pen ever? Perhaps.

I had never seen a pen like that before, and for a conference where sessions are happening all around a campus and you can drop in and out of whichever ones you want, you’re constantly needing to refer to the schedule. Having it in your pen? Genius.

You can grab calendar pull out pens from Alibaba for as little as 2 cents a piece.

It was a pen that impressed many attendees.

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