The Groupon Gravy Train

groupon gravy train

John Chow is a superstar when it come to affiliate marketing. He has a blog entirely dedicated to telling the story of how he makes money on the internet an each click and email address submitted along the way is a collection of more pennies in his pocket.

There are all sorts of affiliate schemes online where you make a commission on referring leads to retailers, but none top the kickbacks from the group coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social. Every time you refer someone to buy their first coupon from the big boys you can make from $5-$10 in commission.

$5-$10 a click? That’s huge money compared to the pennies you can scrape off Google Adsense. The commissions are paid as credits to the site, but since the group coupon sites offer services we use everyday, it’s easy to find a restaurant, pub or hair salon deal to jump on. Use your coupons and the discounts aren’t 50-80%, they’re FREE.

Now, for a limited time, it’s doubled.

That means you can earn $20 in site coupons for simply referring people back to the site. When you factor in the value of the deals on the group coupon sites, you can double that again. By simply being a site evangelist and getting a click you can put $40 worth of goods into your own personal economy.

Many entrepreneurs are seeing the huge commissions and are now creating clearing house sites, complete with affiliate link backs. All Calgary Deals and Cherry Picker Deals are just two I’ve seen this week.

Are you in on the Groupon gravy train yet? If not, click here and help a brother out and then get started building your own pyramid.

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