Interview: Lady Gaga

lady gaga and buzz bishopIn the spring of 2009, Lady Gaga wasn’t yet the second coming of Madonna, but she was on her way. She was an eccentric pop star that was building a following underground through the gay community, her songs anthems for the dance floor. Her buzz was growing, but she was still performing smaller club venues. In advance of one of those performances, she sat down for a series of face-to-face interviews in a Vancouver hotel cafe.

I talked to her about her beginnings and how Stephanie Germanotta became this character of Lady Gaga. During the interview she was calculated, meticulous and soft-spoken. I couldnt tell if she was having an artistic laugh at our expense, or if she really believed in the mythology she had created to surround this character of Lady Gaga. Nearly 2 years later it’s safe to say, she (and the rest of us) are buying in.

Buzz Bishop and Lady Gaga – Vancouver, March 18, 2009

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