Buzz Bishop and West End Girls

[twitter]From May 1990 – August 1993, I worked at CJIB in Vernon. Despite growing up with LG73 as a kid, I was a radio nerd, and so when Z95-3 signed on in May 1991, I traveled to Vancouver to listen to the launch (and get a Z shirt).

Later that summer, West End Girls would come through Vernon on a promo tour. They were a ready made girl group put together by a record company that had a sound, and needed the vision. Before Popstars or American Idol, this group was one that was auditioned for and built by the music industry.

This was one of my first interviews with a band in my career, and the group’s second. We were all around the same age (17-21) and giggled and flirted our way through the interview as rookies would.

This week for #That90sShow, I looked up Silvana Kane on Twitter to talk about those West End Girls days, her new career with Pacifika, and everything in between. And I might have embarrassed myself by giggling and flirting with her again.

Have a listen:


Here’s a look (and listen) to what Silvana is up to with Pacifika.

Got someone you’d like me to track down for a #That90sShow Flashback? Let me know!

Buzz Bishop on That 90s Show on Z95-3

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