After celebrating Christmas and New Year, people are either too tired to keep partying or itching to party some more. If you’re one of those who have winter blues, don’t fret. Hold an indoor beach party instead. Who says you can’t enjoy summer fun during winter? While spring and summer are still months away, combat the chilly weather by pretending it’s 30 degrees inside. It’s all in the mind, after all, as some would say.

So, raise the temperatures and grab your sunglasses. Read on to find out how to throw an indoor beach party despite how cold it is outside:


Hot, sunny months call for loose outfits and sexy swimwear. Tell friends and family to wear their favorite summer get-up to your party, even if they’ll come over in thick coats first. A colorful pair of shorts and a beach party accessory will set the vibes right.

However, don’t force everyone to wear something too revealing. It’s still winter, and some people get cold quickly. If they refuse to don tank tops and flip-flops, give them the option to wear warm and comfy sweaters in summer colors and patterns. They can still add heat to the venue in bright pink, yellow, red, and oranges. The bottom line of an indoor beach party is to have every attendee as comfortable and as happy as possible.

Kiddie Pool

If you’ve got kids coming over, you can bring out a kiddie pool to the party. Set it in a spacious area of your home and fill it up with plastic balls in place of water. Little ones love a decent kiddie pool, especially if there are toys in it.

Adults will enjoy taking a dip in the ball pit, too, if it’s big enough. It’s a great and fun way to pretend you’re lounging in a regular pool under the sun despite the negative temperatures. A colorful kiddie pool also serves as a perfect prop or backdrop for photo opportunities.

Food And Drinks

Nothing says beach party better than food, and lots of it! Try to look for the freshest, sweetest summer themed fruits to serve all your guests. Some fruits might not be in season yet, but as long as you have a couple of tropical options on the table, you should be fine.

Summer also calls for grilled meats. So, grab your grill and start cooking some barbecues. Grilled kebabs made of chicken or beef will get your guests’ mouths watering. Burgers are also a perfect beach party fare, you can serve it with fresh salads and ice cream or popsicles for dessert.

For drinks, squeeze some lemons for good, old-fashioned lemonade. But since you’re holding a beach party, some guests might crave a cold glass of piña colada. Stock up on the liquor and start mixing cocktails like:

  • Classic Mojito
  • Vodka Tonic
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Tequila Sunrise

Your guests will start feeling the summer heat in the middle of winter after a few sips. Just make sure you estimate the right amount of drinks for every adult coming to your party.


To set the mood for your beach party, decorate your house with everything that screams ‘summer.’ Think of balloons, flowers, beach umbrellas, and party streamers. The colors add to the warmth and feel of a beach party despite being held indoors.

Cover the floors with beach towels and beanbags for guests to sit comfortably. Offer them sun hats to improve their party outfits, even if they’re wrapped in hoodies. Hang some fairy lights and homemade paper lanterns, and tiki torches to turn your living room into a luau in Hawaii. Everyone’s going to have a grand time thinking they’re chilling by the sea at the height of winter.

Music And Games

There is no party without some exciting tunes. Look for an appropriate summer playlist on Spotify or YouTube and fill the room with tropical beach music. Bring out some bongos and a guitar to let guests play their own music for more fun.

Don’t forget to prepare games to play, too! Make sure your games match beach themes to get the heat going. Some ideas you can try out are:

  • Classic limbo
  • Hula hoop contest
  • Beach volleyball (with a smaller beach ball)
  • Speed cups relay
  • Magnet fishing

You can even try playing Christmas games with a summer twist. Make attendees go on a treasure hunt for beach-themed prizes or play charades with summer-related words. Everyone’s going to forget how cold it is when they’re so focused on winning all the games.

Summer Fun In Winter

No matter how cold the temperature is, you can always have a bit of summer fun at home. Beating the winter blues is easy-peasy with some preparation and dedication. Your guests will arrive in their padded jackets and leave a little warmer, thanks to your amazing indoor beach party.

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