90.3 AMP Radio Calgary iPhone App

Amp radio appThanks for making the switch to 90.3 AMP Radio. Now there’s an app for that!

Yesterday afternoon the switch was flipped on the radio station’s first iPhone app. I know I know I know, we’ve been working on it for far too long, but it’s now live and I think it’s pretty tight.

The focus of the app is a listen link to catch the stream of 90.3 AMP Radio. It’s quick and instant.

When you hit the links button, you’re popped over to a screen with the main headers from the 90.3 AMP Radio website. You can access contest info, concert listings and even track the playlist on AMP Radio in case you heard a song and can’t figure out the artist or title.

The 90.3 AMP Radio app is only in the iTunes store right now for iPhones and iPod Touch with web access. Other editions for other models could follow.

Thanks for making the switch to AMP Radio!

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