iTunes Gift Card Discount Coupon

Safeway iTunes Coupon valid until January 1, 2012
[twitter]This week there are a couple of great deals for iTunes Gift Cards. At Future Shop you can get a $50 iTunes Card for $39. That’s 22% off. Awesome.

But Safeway is doing things one step better. The $50 iTunes Gift Card at Safeway is on sale for $37, (if you use your Safeway Club Card) and you can print off another coupon to get the card for $2 off. So that’s a $50 iTunes Gift Card on sale for 30% off!

There’s no limit to the number you can buy at $13 off, but you can only use the $2 discount coupon once per transaction.

Still, these are the best deals I’ve ever seen for iTunes Gift Cards (that usually go only 20% off) so stock up on a bunch to use as gifts or download music and apps all year long.

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