Justin Bieber Doesn’t Suck

[twitter]It’s true. Justin Bieber doesn’t suck.

Sure, he’s got an uber annoying pretty boy look on his face and he’s so obsessed with his hair he’s constantly walking into glass walls and revolving doors, but he doesn’t suck.

The kid has serious talent. He’s partnered up with credible musicians like Ludacris, Usher and Sean Kingston for his works and he can bang a guitar like nobody’s business.

Yet he is the poster boy for a backlash. It’s not because of him (well, maybe it’s because of his hair) – it’s because of his fans.

Anything little teen girls like is immediately dismissed as trite. Jonas Brothers. Miley Cyrus. Twilight. Hilary Duff. Britney Spears. Hanson. Backstreet Boys. ‘NSYNC. etc etc.

The instant and life involving obsession pre-teen girls are bound to attach to anything they are interested in becomes an instant lead weight against credibility. That’s why Miley Cyrus has to make out with backup dancers on stage – she wants to be a serious artist, but the millions of Hannah Montana posters won’t let her escape the past that launched her to the stage she currently dances on.

All of those teen stars have serious talent. But in order to get to the promise land they had to court the double edged sword of tween popularity. It’s like making a deal with the devil, you can have all the success of your dreams, but first you need to sell your (credible) soul.

But to say Justin Bieber sucks just because a few million girls like him isn’t fair. They can’t help themselves.

The news this weekend announcing a Justin Bieber in Calgary concert for September 20 at the Saddledome will fill the stories with images of tweens going mad for the boy. While that fan base may be the most rabid, they’re not the only ones who can tell you the kid is alright.

I’ll give you the forklift driver in Australia with the Bieber license plate is a little odd, but check out the faces in the crowd at our recent AMP Radio Bieber Fever party at Eau Claire in Calgary.

Our winner of a trip to Toronto for Bieber with her BFF was 22. Many of the faces in the crowd were well beyond the classic 9-13 year old tween crowd.

Justin Bieber is a pop star we can be proud of, Canada. (Well, except for the part where he thinks he’s from Atlanta and keeps referencing being from ‘America’ in overseas interviews)

Without fear I can stand up and admit it with a straight face: Justin Bieber doesn’t suck.

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