A Royal Wedding Breakfast

royal wedding

[twitter]I distinctly remember the summer of 1981. My grandmother and great-grandmother were visiting us in Vancouver from their home in Montreal. I was 11 and I didn’t understand why every woman in our house was all a flutter for the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana.

Truth be told, I still don’t understand all the hype. Sure, I love Say Yes To The Dress, Rich Bride Poor Bride, 4 Weddings, Bulging Brides and every other matrimonial show marathon that seems to dominate the chick channels on the weekend, but I don’t get the royal thing.

Nonetheless, my wife is thrilled with the wedding. Giddy like a little girl. 2 weeks ago I hit up one of those British importer stores you see in strip malls and picked out a royal teacup for her featuring Will and Kate. She loved it – and then asked why I didnt get her a tea towel too.

Friday morning she’ll get up early and watch the highlights of the wedding and I’ll make her my grandmother and great-grandmother’s scone to have with a jar of jam a friend brought us from Harrod’s.

Getting that recipe in a book was one of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself. If you’re wondering about the perfect Mother’s Day gift, spend some time with your mom or grandmother and get their secret recipes and publish them in a recipe book. It’s cheap, easy and eternally memorable.

I may not ‘get’ the royal wedding thing, but after a few bites on Friday morning it will be 1981 all over again.

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