London Drugs Continues Crusade Against BPA

London Drugs BPA

[twitter]Another day another press release setting the record straight about BPA.

This one comes from London Drugs, long our saviour for returning the BPA bottles. LD has curtailed their amnesty, where you didn’t need a receipt to return your old bottles, but is still accepting returns with receipts.

Here’s what they’re doing for the next stage of the battle:

Customers will find BPA-free products in London Drugs’ Baby section, BPA-free Reusable Water bottles, and BPA-free food storage containers

Richmond, BC – (May 8, 2008) – With the health and safety of our customers being of utmost importance, London Drugs immediately removed baby bottles, sippy cups and select food containers and water bottles containing BPA from store shelves in April and provided customers refunds for 50,000 products – mostly baby bottles – containing BPA.

London Drugs now offers only BPA-free baby bottles, toddler sippy cups and child drinking cups from reputable manufacturers such as Born-Free, Chicco, Nuby, Medela, Nurture Pure and Thermos. London Drugs Pharmacy is also offering BPA-free collection kits with Ameda breast pump rentals.

Further to the BPA-free baby products available, London Drugs also offers a wide variety of Canadian Thermos and Bilt Fresco stainless steel products including bottles, mugs, food jars and carafes.

Rubbermaid, Sterilite and Starfrit Lock & Lock BPA-free food storage containers and reusable water bottles are also available at London Drugs.

Nalgene reusable water bottles containing BPA have been removed from London Drugs store shelves and we have quantities, although limited at present, of BPA- free Nalgene water bottles. We are working with Nalgene to increase these quantities as soon as more BPA-free Nalgene product becomes available.

In response to customer requests and concern for the environment, London Drugs has been accepting old BPA baby bottles and sippy cups for recycling or for return to the manufacturer, and we will continue to provide refunds for BPA baby bottles purchased from London Drugs returned with a valid receipt. London Drugs will no longer refund BPA baby bottles without a valid London Drugs receipt.

London Drugs was happy to provide immediate assistance to both consumers and suppliers during this transition period stemming from Health Canada’s concerns regarding baby bottles containing BPA.

We are pleased to report that our baby bottle suppliers are also now prepared to directly address consumers who are seeking an alternative to polycarbonate bottles containing BPA. Consumers are invited to speak directly with a knowledgeable care representative who can provide assistance.

For baby bottles supplied by Philips AVENT: call 1-866-624-1906
For baby bottles supplied by Playtex: call 1-800-387-1300 or visit their site

For frequently asked questions about BPA in food storage and beverage products, please visit Rubbermaid.

Customers can also call a London Drugs customer service specialist for more information at 1-888-991-2299.

I still have the problem with Avent being listed in the press release. They’re a part of the pro-BPA lobby and if you call up the number you mighthave to filter out some misinformation and hammer them for some hard truths.

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