Take Your BPA Bottles to London Drugs

London Drugs BPA

[twitter]Wow. Talk about good will.

London Drugs is taking back ALL bottles made with BPA. No.questions.asked. You get a gift card in amount of the FULL retail price.

A pal of mine told me about the program and Jen had heard about it too. She took ALL of our Avent bottles back, the nipples, the soothers, the microwave sterilizer. ALL OF IT. In the end, Jen walked out with a $200 store credit.

The guy at the Customer Service counter was apologizing to Jen for them having sold the stuff in the first place.

“London Drugs has been educating customers about the dangers of BPA since January,” said Wynne Powell, president of London Drugs. “When we learned of the possible risks from BPA, we immediately started purchasing BPA-free products and providing customers with information to help them make an informed choice when purchasing products like plastic baby bottles and sippy cups.

As concern continued to mount around BPA earlier this week, we immediately removed all baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and select food containers and water bottles containing BPA from our store shelves. Our customer service specialists in our stores and at our head office in Richmond are available to answer our customers’ questions and provide information on these BPA alternatives.”

We didnt buy our bottles from London Drugs, they were given as gifts at showers etc, but LD took them back.

They’ll also take back your stanky Nalgene bottles too.

Amazing. Congratulations. Way to go.

BTW, London Drugs sells BornFree, a brand of plastic bottles made WITHOUT BPA. We switched Z over to them this week and he has had no issues with the new nipples etc. Guess what we’re getting with our $200 gift card from London Drugs??

Thank you London Drugs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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