What Does Bonnie Brooks Look Like?

Bonnie Brooks, President of the Bay, has an unmistakable voice.

The moment her gravely tones comes on the radio introducing another deal at the Bay, you know who it is and what she’s talking about.

She doesn’t even identify herself as President in the latest spots.

So we all know what Bonnie Brooks sounds like, but what does she look like?

bonnie brooks, president of the bay

That’s her. That’s Bonnie Brooks, President of the Bay with the unmistakable voice. Not quite the Selma Bouvier you might have pictured is it?

I had some fun with staff at the Bay as I cranked them to get a Bonnie Brooks tattoo on the radio this morning:

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  1. tbrioux November 24, 2011 at 8:34 am

    I really really wish they’d get her off the air. She is completely obnoxious. I have to turn the station every time I hear that “gravelly” aka irritatingly unmelodic, voice of hers. Just say “NO!”

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