Since 2015, the online casino industry has grown thanks to the advancement in smartphone technology and an increase in internet penetration tremendously. Today, JackpotCity online casino and other betting platforms on the internet have surpassed land-based casinos, accounting for over 50% of the total gambling revenue. Even better, online casinos offer great rewards, secure payments, anonymity, and many interesting games.

Canada has been a hotspot for online casinos over the last few years, although the country’s regulations don’t allow betting companies to set root. Nonetheless, offshore companies have been offering their services to players, with incredible promotions to attract more punters from the country. Here are Canada’s most popular online games today:


Slots are popular casino games played by thousands of Canadians today. Because of their simplicity, punters enjoy playing these games to try their luck. That's because players only need to press a button and wait to see whether the winning combination appears on the screen.

Additionally, slots are cheap to play, with great rewards for the lucky ones. Slots also come with great jackpots. These jackpots are available in two main types, Standard and progressive. Progressive jackpots normally increase as bettors continue playing, while standard jackpots have a fixed prize. As such, you can find progressive jackpots with over a million dollars in prize money.


Unlike slots, poker requires more skills than luck. Poker is also available in different variations, although Hold ‘Em is Canada’s most popular variation. In this game, the players are given two cards, and they have to use them alongside the five community cards to create the strongest hand on the table. That means you’ll be competing against other players on the table, and you’ll need to have skills like bluffing and reading your opponents.


This comparing card game played between the banker and the player has gained much traction in Canada over the last five years. Every coup has the possibility of yielding three outcomes where the player wins a tie or the banker wins.

In baccarat, aces count as a single point, while 2-9 offer a point value. However, 10, jack, king, and queen have no value. Nonetheless, the game is highly entertaining, and you can expect to find it in every top-rated Canadian casino with thousands of people playing it daily. The game also has amazing rewards.


Invented in France over three centuries ago, Roulette has become highly popular in Canada for its elegance and sophistication. The game also has amazing payouts, although its name in French means little wheel.

This casino table game allows the players to predict a number where the ball will land on the wheel and win when it lands on your chosen spot. However, Roulette is available in two main variations, American Roulette and French Roulette, although the only difference is in the wheel’s numbers. French Roulette has 37 numbers, while the American version has two zeros and 38 numbers.


No matter the games you choose to play online, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun and a great adrenaline surge. However, remember to stay within your set limits during your gameplay to avoid problem gambling.

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