Thanks for the heads-up, California Lottery!

[twitter]Chad Klepaycuk of Okotoks claimed his $15.8 million dollars this week. He was one of 4 people holding a winning ticket in the largest jackpot in Canadian lottery history.

The first question all reporters ask winners of big jackpots is “what will you do with the money!?”

Chad, like many winners, was vague in his answer.

“I have no idea at this point,” he said.

“Maybe a new truck. I don’t know, possibly lots of warm trips and a condo on the ocean.”

You have to admit, nearly $16M in one shot is a lot of cake for a refrigeration and air conditioning technician apprentice. To that end, Chad has already quit that gig.

I know exactly what I would do if I won the lottery. Perhaps it’s because I’m the grandson of a man who has rolled the dice with a loonie or two every week for my entire life. Perhaps it’s because I’m a dreamer.

First: Buy a house. Big enough to not complain about being cramped, but not too ridiculous. Most likely it would be on or near the water in West Vancouver, it would depend on where the boys would go to school.

Second: Split it up with family and friends. Mortgages would be paid off for many people that we know, we’d share that wealth as best we could.

Third: What next? I mean – really – what next? Chad quit his job, but at 25 years old what is he going to do with the next 60+ years of life he has ahead of him? Driving trucks and sitting in oceanfront condos would get tired pretty quickly.

For me, I would start a foundation. I was a cross-country runner in high school, and now I’m a runner for Team Diabetes. My foundation would sponsor high school cross country or track teams from across the country to travel to Team Diabetes events. 8 or 10 kids every couple of months would get a chance to see the world, learn about their health, and spread the word about diabetes awareness.

I’d still have something to do, and it would be something that would be giving back.

Then I’d buy a truck, take a trip, and grab an oceanfront condo for escapes.

I can’t be the only one who has plotted out the ‘what if I won the lottery’ scenario – am I?

Image via Sam Craig

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