Run. Every. Day,[twitter]Looking back at the goals I set for 2013 and it’s fair to say I didn’t hit any of them.

It’s good to have them in mind, they’re always started with the best of intentions, but .. really .. why bother?

So this year, I’m trying to just go running every day. That’s it. Sure, I have ideas on getting better organized so I can unplug. I have ideas on getting better traffic for my blogs, and getting ahead in my career, but those are happening naturally.

And, really, isn’t that we want our resolutions to be? Focused goals that just become habits?

Then I read about Karen Cooksley. She’s a Calgary runner and blogger at All Downhill From Here, and has just run her 500th day in a row. No matter the illness, the weather, the conditions, or her location, she puts on a pair of shoes and goes running every day.

So that’s what I want to do. Run. Every day. It would be great to hit 100 in a row. It would be great to hit 500 in a row. But all I want to do is lay down the habit. Make it daily. Put x’s on a calendar and keep putting them on there until it becomes second nature.

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