Throwback Thursday

[twitter]The last time Jen and I golfed together was January 2007. We took a New Year’s ‘baby moon’ to Cuba before the birth of Zacharie. We stayed at a nice resort with a golf course and we played every other day.

This week, as we celebrate a ‘child free week’ with the boys visiting their grands, we found time to play some golf again.

One of our first ‘getaways’ was to the Bear Mountain Resort in Victoria in the summer of 2006 (above left). I had just hit a big ratings bonus on Z95.3 and so I took my new girlfriend away for some tee time. We played Bear Mountain, and had dinner at the Sooke Harbour House and a had a romantic weekend away.

7 years later, we still have the itch, and scratched it at Maple Ridge Golf Course in Calgary (above right).

Our 7 year itch was a little different than the summer of 2006. We didn’t play a championship course, we only played 9 holes on a municipal track. We didn’t have a romantic dinner, we had hot dogs at the starter shack. We didn’t have a romantic resort, we slept in our own bed.

It’s different, but totally the same.

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