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[twitter]The popularity of the Craft Beer Advent Calendar the past few years has started a new trend: grown-up advent calendars. Sure, I’ll still get the LEGO Advent Calendars for my kids, but why should mom and dad be exempt from the daily treat goodness of counting down to Christmas?

From chocolates to make-up, scotch to coffee, here’s a list of the best Advent Calendars ideas brands have put out in 2014.

10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa

Cards Against Humanity is back with another random, fun, irreverent gift program for December. You give them $15 ($25 in Canada). They’ll send you ten mystery gifts for the ten days or whatever of Kwanzaa. It’s most likely add on cards for the CAH deck you already have along with some random little items too if last year was any indication of this year. For the money, you can’t beat 10 random surprises for Kwanzaa or whatever. One subscription per household. No refunds. No complaining.

Available from Cards Against Humanity for US$15 ($25 in Canada)

24 Days of Tea by David’s Tea

24 Days of Tea from David's Tea

How popular are these advent calendars from David’s Tea? They sold out in an hour. If you want one, you’ve got to head to Kijiji to try and grab one of the calendars now fetching upwards of $65. Might be an idea to just settle for the 12 Teas of Christmas instead?

Available from David’s Tea for $29.50

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

2014 craft beer advent calendar

Craft Beer Advent Calendars are the best. There are nearly half a dozen options in Canada for craft beer drinkers across Canada to enjoy 24 different craft beers, some uniquely brewed for the calendars. The 2014 Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar featured beers originating from 18 countries and 6 continents.

Available from select retail outlets for approx $130

Benefit Cosmetics Avent Calendar

Benefit Advent Calendar

A limited-edition, holiday advent calendar filled with 24 mini beauty essentials. Each day, open the sweet shop doors to reveal a Benefit bestseller or surprise gift. Keep it for yourself, or give it to a fellow beauty addict.

Available from Sephora for $119

Tequila Advent Calendar

Tequila Advent Calendar 2014

An advent calendar full of tequila!?! Oh yes my friends. Don’t be downing these though – especially not after inexplicably licking some salt or before biting into half a lime, that would be utter, utter madness. Tequila is a spirit that the world is increasingly understanding and appreciating, and quite rightly too!

In The Tequila Advent Calendar you’ll find 24x 3cl samples from a variety of leading and more artisanal producers, one behind each window! So, why not count down to a Blue agave Christmas this festive season?

Produced by Masters of Malt for £149.95

Beauty Advent Calendar

Body Shop Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas in skin-loving style with The Body Shop’s Beauty Advent Calendar. This extra-special treat features a beauty surprise behind every door, from best-selling body and face care to iconic fragrance, plus our latest additions: Glazed Apple, Wild Argan Oil and Colour Crush™ Nail Colors. Make it holiday every day!

Available from The Body Shop for $98 in Canada and just $50 in the US.

12 Days of Christmas

Lush Advent Calendar 2014

This book is full of Christmas joy! 12 Days of Christmas is a LUSH fairytale of signature scents and some of our most beloved festive treats. 12 separate compartments house classics like our So White and Cinders Bath Bombs, the shimmering Star Light Star Bright Luxury Bath Melt and includes new favorites like the cinnamon-scented Hot Toddy shower gel, so there’s something fun to discover each day. It’s sure to leave you happily ever after, but just in case, better get two.

Available from Lush for $99.95

Starbucks Advent Calendar

Starbucks Advent Calendar

You’ll find a chocolate-covered graham in every merry tin, a limited-edition $5 Mini Starbucks Card, and a magnetic chalkboard you can hang up for the holidays. It makes a great gift for others or for your own family to share, and when the 25 days of merry-making are over, the beautiful tins and chalkboard will continue to bring good cheer.
Available from Starbucks for $29.95

Whisky Advent Calendar

Whisky Advent Calendar 2014

It’s here, the 2014 Whisky Advent Calendar! Look at it. Regard it. What is surely the greatest advent calendar known to humankind is back for a third Christmas countdown, and there’s still no better way to get into the festive spirit!

Behind each of the 24 windows lies a different 3cl Drinks By The Dram sample of delicious whisky, so this year be sure to count down to Christmas in style (again).

Produced by Masters of Malt for £149.95

Ciaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar

Ciaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar 2014

Transform your Christmas-countdown with this holiday-inspired Manor House—packed with daily nail treats. This selection of high-pigment, pro formula nail polishes features an array of shades and textures for over 145 different nail looks. It houses mini paint pots, glitter sprinkles, caviar pearls, cute nail transfers, and a full-size paint pot treat in a special, limited-edition shade—each hidden behind a daily window.

Available from Sephora for $72

Tree Advent Calendar

Pottery Barn Advent Calendar

If the above don’t get you going, you can DIY your own Advent Calendar with appropriate treats and small favours. Buy them a la carte and then keep them in the buckets of this Pottery Barn Advent Calendar tree.

Available from Pottery Barn for $179

Moose Antler Advent Calendar

Wooden Moose Advent Calendar

This wooden moose advent calendar adds a certain rustic Candian vibe to the holiday with burlap pouches awaiting your customized treats to count down.

Available from Canadian Tire for $29.99

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