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[twitter]The new Reebok FitHub at CrossIron Mills is plugged in to the local scene and a great place to get gear and find out where you can get active in your community. I went behind the scenes at the sneak peak opening last week.

This place is more about just getting shoes and shirts, it’s about getting it done. And by it, I mean fitness.

tommy europe with andy o'brienReebok brought in Sidney Crosby‘s trainer Andy O’Brien, to talk about Sid’s focus. He started working with #87 when the star was just 13. Even then Sid took it seriously. “It was all business. He didn’t come to the gym to just work out, he always had a goal in mind,” said O’Brien.

Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp star, Last 10 Pounds Shred author, and ReebokONE Master Trainer Tommy Europe was also on hand to lead some weekend classes and talk fitness.

One of the focuses of Reebok is to #LiveWithFire. They want to encourage people to live with passion, intent, and purpose. Europe’s Shred philosophy aligns right along with it. “It doesn’t matter who you are,” said Europe. “Everyone was in an athlete and can live with fire.”

And that’s why this is not just a retail outlet, but a FitHub, and is the first of it’s kind retail concept in Canada. In addition to all the bright gear that you need to workout, the Reebok FitHub at CrossIron Mills provides you with the inspiration and ideas to get it done. You don’t just buy the gear and leave the store, you have to be like Sid and have a goal in mind, so connections to the community and activities to get you active are available in the store.

reebok fit hubTo keep you active, Reebok offers a range of inclusive sessions led by health and fitness experts from within the Reebok community. This will include a number of free weekly workouts at the FitHub. You can get the details via the Reebok Community Board in-store.

The Reebok Community Board is a place where customers can learn how to get involved with local events, discover new workouts and learn about local gyms and instructors. At the centre of the store is the ‘Fit Desk’, where fitness enthusiasts can learn about Reebok and its latest product technologies.

The staff are all athletes. They have strong fitness backgrounds and can help tailor the gear to your exercise.

I keep thinking about Sid’s mentality to change your way of thinking about exercise

“It’s not a workout, you’re there for business.”

Take it seriously, and you’ll get serious results. The Reebok FitHub is there to help you #livewithfire.

reebok fit hub

Thanks to the Reebok FitHub for supplying gear to train for Team Diabetes in exchange for this branded content.

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