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Guinness World Records range from the fantastic to the bizarre, but they are all endlessly entertaining. Having a world Guinness record is a great achievement, and it can be so much fun to attain. You can do them with a group, by yourself, and so much more.

You can do it as a publicity stunt to bring more attention to your brand or business, or you can do it just for yourself. Whatever reason you want to break a Guinness World Record, you should work for it.

To help you, here are five Guinness World Records that you can break yourself, and what you need to do to break them:

The Easy

Not every world record requires death-defying acts or one-in- a-billion genetics. There are options that are easy, and fun to do. That’s why communities have come together to break world records, and it seems that new records are being made all the time. You could do a marathon dressed as a new popular culture icon and win automatically. You could break a world record that doesn’t require a lot of training, or one that only one person has done before.

There are so many options that if you have your mind set on it, you can become a Guinness World Record Holder in no time. It’s always fun to win a world record, and with these easy challenges you could become a world record holder in no time:

1. How Many Sticky Notes Can You Put on Your Body in Five Minutes?

This one is a fun challenge that you and your friends can do in ease. The challenge is to put sticky notes (the standard-sized square ones) on to your body as fast as you can. The current record is 674 sticky notes, which is held by Tetsuro Degawa, who won the record in 2014. Add only one extra sticky note, and you’ll have the win. We recommend that you reuse the sticky notes when you are practicing.

2. Drink a 500ml Bottle of Water as Fast as You Can

Think you’re fast at downing a drink? This record challenge is to completely drink a 500 ml bottle of water, which makes it an easy and healthy option compared to the
alternatives. This record is held by Tim Cocker, who drank an entire bottle of water in
1.75 seconds. There are also many other variations of this challenge, like how fast you
can drink a bottle of ketchup, if you are interested.

3. How Many Coins Can You Stack in a Minute?

How fast can you stack coins into a tower? If you manage to beat Silvio Sabba’s record
of stacking 69 coins into a tower, you could be a Guinness World Record holder
yourself. All you need to do is get coins of the same size (for instance, pennies) and
practice your stacking ability.

The Hard

If you want a real challenge, then it’s time to look at the more challenging world records. These are the ones that people genuinely wonder about. The records that people watch in their spare time. The hardest ones to beat, of course, are the ones that are dictated by sheer chance, like being the tallest man alive. Unless you were born that way, you have no chance! Other challenges, however, can be beaten with skill and practice, and these are the ones that bring along with them prestige:

4. How Long Can You Play Poker?

The current world record for the longest continuous poker tournament is held by the Asian Poker Tour and Resorts World Manila Iron Man Poker Challenge, where poker was played for 48 hours, fifty-five minutes, and 58.5 seconds. The longest amount of time an individual has played poker for was for 115 hours. Before you try to beat this record, read up on key insights about the methods of people who have already mastered playing card games where the skill is dominant over luck.

5. How Fast Can You Run a Marathon?

There are many different variations of this. You could dress up as a fairy or as a leprechaun and try to beat the much more modest record challenges, or you could go all out and try to beat Dennis Kiruto Kimetto’s record of 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 57 seconds. There are different levels and different criteria, so even if you don’t actually beat the challenge that you were going for, you might have qualified for another record title.

Now that you have a few ideas on some Guinness World Records that you can break, all you need to do is go for it! Remember, however, that you must ensure you follow their rules for the challenge, otherwise you won’t qualify for the World Record title. Record yourself breaking the record following the specific rules of each challenge, and upload it to YouTube.

Once it’s verified, you’ll be a new world record champion! Go out and celebrate You can make it as fun or as serious as you want, but the reward will be incredibly satisfying and it will be a great icebreaker for when you meet new people.

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