River Spirit Golf Club 241155 Range Road 34 – Calgary, AB T3Z 2W4, Canada 403-247-4837

THE COURSE There are actually 3 courses at River Spirit Golf Club, well 3 separate 9 hole courses anyway. Most of the course is up on an open plain just back from Highway 8, while a few holes dip down into the valley next to the Elbow River.

Watch the wind when you play here, since most of the course is laid out in the open you will find it at your back, sideways, and in your face across the holes. The breeze is brisk as I found myself putting it over the back of a 175 yd green with my 7 iron (usually a 160 yard club).

The day we played, they were dodging you in and around the courses to avoid using the valley as it had some damage from the summer flooding. I brought Zacharie along for our round and he much preferred riding in a cart to walking the course. Thankfully for him the plan was just to play the front 9.

charlie puma THE FACILITIES

There’s a lot of Puma gear in the River Spirit Golf Club Pro Shop, which actually is upstairs when you enter the building. The sign can be confusing, if you walk straight you enter the pub/restaurant, the pro shop is actually upstairs. I got the feeling that the course was still under construction, some of the walls feel temporary, the stairs sound hollow, and it just didn’t feel done. The driveway to the course is pitted and potholed.

There is a chipping green with range balls so you can practice your sand and short game, the driving range was playing off mats the day we went although it looks like they may hit off real grass at some time in the season as there is room.


I really enjoyed the round, the course is not difficult but it does have some creative layouts that will have you dodging hazards, shaping shots, and managing your game effectively. 

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