I got my Peloton on Father’s Day weekend, 2019. I had just tipped the scales at the highest weight in my life and, with 6 months to go before my 50th birthday, I was determined to make a change.

After listening to the How I Built This podcast episode featuring Peloton founder John Foley, my wife and I decided to visit the studio in our local mall and buy the bike on the spot – exactly what so many people did when they first discovered Peloton.

I took my first ride the day it was delivered with Leanne, and have been riding about 6 times a week ever since. I’m down 30 pounds, and have found a fun and convenient fitness habit that has changed my life.

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The best part about Peloton is the diversity of experiences you can have on it. You can feel inspired and laugh, or you can just get right down to it and sweat your ass off. Each instructor brings a different personality, soundtrack, and style to the bike, so finding the one Peloton instructor who works for you and how you like to work out shouldn’t be hard – there’s so many!

The FIRST thing you need to do to find the best Peloton instructor to inspire and motivate you is take the All For One ride from July 2019. A dozen instructors take the pedals for a few minutes at a time and you get a GREAT sense of everyone’s personalities.

The All For One Ride is a great overview of how everyone treats their time on the bike, and is the perfect way to find the Peloton instructor(s) to motivate you on your rides.

I’m in one of a few different moods when I clip in: I want to be inspired, I want to have fun, or I just want to get down to sweating and hitting a PR. My top four Peloton instructors always bring me the vibe I need, when I need it, guaranteeing a great ride to fit my mood when I’m on the bike.

The Peloton Leaderboard Names For 
PGA, NHL, NFL, and other Athletes on Peloton



Matt is a serious cyclist with a fun and inspiring personality. 

I started by taking his climb rides; long, steady routes meant to mimic some of the best mountain climbs around the world. Matt keeps you in the saddle, grinding it out, by telling stories of his time leading cycling tours, and getting you focused on technique.
Most of Matt’s rides are centred around Power Zone Training. Once you take his test, you’ll unlock new features on your bike that will help you build endurance and strength for longer outdoor rides. I’m never trying to climb the leaderboard on a Matt ride, it’s filled with hardcore riders from the Power Zone Pack who can pound the pedals all day long, but I am getting better at technique and improving my own power.

Matt’s about helping you be your best by working in your personal Power Zones – think about how you work a handicap in golf, it’s like that. What Matt brings is a positive and energetic spin on serious cycling. You’re going to learn how to ride better, he’s going to build your fitness in a way that’s no-nonsense, but still leaves you with a smile to go along with your sweat.

He’s not as playlist focused or themed like the other instructors. When you ride with Matt you’re going to get a lot of rock or EDM, and while some of his selections aren’t the best, he’s the absolutely the best instructor on the bike for me.


When I want to get down to business, but I want a fun playlist with some personality, I’m riding with Emma

A lot of Peloton instructors feel the need to talk through the entire workout. Emma doesn’t. She’s breathing heavy and sweating right alongside you and uses recovery time in a ride to catch her breath too. That doesn’t mean she’s not having fun – she’ll laugh and tell stories and get right into the music like so many others do, but it’s not done in a frivolous way.

When you ride with Emma the road is going to be “gritty,” it’s going to be “sticky,” and you’re going to have a strong, focused ride that will bring results.



I didn’t get Cody at first. He’s campy as all hell, and it didn’t click with me. He’s VERY catchphrase heavy calling his audience “boo,” and encouraging them to “be that bitch.” When he dials it back for a recovery, you’re always invited to use the time to “get your life together.”

Cody is an acquired taste, but once you get it – you’re hooked. At least I am. When I just want to have fun, smile, laugh, and bust my ass at the same time, I ride with Cody. From a TED Talk about why Kevin is the best Backstreet Boy, to his mom’s crush on Bon Jovi, to linking the marvels of photosynthesis to cycling, Cody always brings the unexpected.

Don’t think he won’t make you work while you’re laughing, I took my Century Ride with Cody live in the Peloton Calgary studio, and nailed a PB. His rides are always worth re-visiting.


When I feel the need to get spiritual when I sweat, I dial up an Ally Love ride. Riding with Ally is a straight up positive place. She takes her inspirations seriously, she’s always locked in to being the best part of who she can be, and when she dials it up a notch the question is always “yes or yes?” 
No is not in her vocabulary.

There’s no negativity on an Ally ride. She’ll dial it off and dance a few times, she’ll sing along, she’ll tell you stories of how she toured as a dancer with Pitbull, but she’ll also get emotional as she inspires and preaches from her Peloton pulpit.

Ally is my preacher, her rides are my church. Her rides are great workouts for your spiritual heart and physical one.


These are just MY fave instructors.

I’ll jam rides with Alex, Leanne, or Ben every now and again, and I love how Robin brings all the energy while showing the world that T1D won’t stop her from being a leader.  Christian Vande Velde is a former Tour de France rider who drops in to lead some big climbs.

There are many other instructors I’ll mix in, but I’m usually looking for a ride from those four instructors up top FIRST before going anywhere else.

Find your fave and get inspired to get on the bike. Take it one ride at a time, and make a change.

Disclosure: I endorse Peloton via testimonials on the radio. This blog post is not sponsored nor a part of that campaign.

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