This is what we live for

I had an opportunity to be in Vancouver for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final this weekend. I had season tickets for the Canucks when I lived in the city and when I moved I tossed them to a friend under condition that if the Canucks made it to the dance I could have my tickets back.

So the opportunity was there to be in the building for Game 2 on Saturday. $275 a pop for the duckets, toss in the airfare and it would cost me somewhere between $500 and $800. When you see tickets on Craigslist, Kijiji, StubHub and other scalper sites going for upwards of $2000 each, it sounds like a good deal

But Jen isn’t working. But I was just in Vancouver last weekend for my mom’s birthday. But I’ve already checked “attend a Stanley Cup Final game” off my bucket list.

So I decided to pass up on the chance, but that was last week. But that was before the games started. But that was before the puck dropped. But that was before the fever gripped.

Kicking myself? Oh yeah.

The two recent campaign slogans for the team sum up my feelings. We are all Canucks. This is what we live for.

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