buzz bishop and destiny's child - 1998

Kelly, Beyoncé, Buzz, LeToya, LaTavia | Z95.3 | May, 1998

[twitter]Will Destiny’s Child reunite as a part of Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl half-time show this weekend? If you’re a betting man (and who isn’t at Super Bowl), lay the money that the trio will be back together for at least a couple of tracks, but not the full quartet.

Wait? Quartet? Yes, quartet.

For the first 2 albums, Destiny’s Child was actually a four piece vocal group. When the band came for a radio interview in 1998, the group was Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson.

This interview was done at the peak of Z95.3’s dominance on the Vancouver radio dial and easily ranks as one of my all time favorite interviews.

Buzz Bishop and Destiny's Child

How excited was Beyoncé to find out that “somebody famous” liked their songs? She’s all Sasha Fierce the Diva now, but back then, still not even 17, she was falling over with enthusiasm at the idea of being somewhat famous.

In 1999, LeToya and LaTavia would leave (be removed) from the band after challenging how the group’s money was split amongst the members. Michelle Williams then entered for the last half of the band’s career.

When everyone talks about the Destiny’s Child reunion for the Super Bowl, they talk about the trio hitting the stage, but really it should be a quartet.

Oh, and about my shirt… No, I did not get it custom-made with my name on it. From 1994-2000, the AAA baseball team in Salt Lake City, Utah was known as the Salt Lake Buzz (now the Salt Lake Bees), this is one of their jerseys.

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