[twitter]For the second time, Team Diabetes was the beneficiary of Tangerine Bank’s Stampede BBQ. For the 5th year, they set up shop on the sidewalk, served food to the passers by with Calgary’s famous Western Hospitality, and asked for charitable donations in exchange.

People on the street dropped nearly $1000 into the jars at the #TeamDBBQ, and then Tangerine carved out their own ‘big cheque’ worth another $5000.

Tangerine Bank TeamDBBQ

I cannot say enough about the work that Tangerine Bank does for the community in Calgary.

They entered a team in the Race For Kids and raised more than $1500 for Boys and Girls Club in Calgary.

Team Tangerine Race For Kids

They set up a Bicycles for Humanity pit stop on the sidewalk in front of the Tangerine Cafe to encourage people to bike to work and get them tuned up.

They have been a national sponsor for Five Hole For Food, an event supporting food banks in Canada. The Calgary event goes on Tuesday.

In the past 3 years, the gang at Tangerine (previously ING Direct) have been responsible for more than $15 000 in donations to Team Diabetes and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Team Diabetes Cheque


And now another big cheque in 2014 (top, featuring Dan MacRae of the Roughnecks substituting for me).

I can’t begin to describe the thanks I have Jonathan, Neha, Peter, and everyone at Tangerine. Here’s where that money goes and how it helps the 9 million Canadians living with diabetes and pre-diabetes

Thank you.

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