Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Volunteer Awards[twitter]The Canadian Diabetes Association held a Christmas Cheer event last weekend to wrap up the year and salute some volunteers that make a difference in their efforts to raise funds, and awareness for diabetes.

I was fortunate enough to attend, and be presented with an award, first the other people who do wonderful things that make this organization so worth while.

Young Volunteer Award: Steen Hoffman

When Steen’s younger brother Joel was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Steen became motivated to find a cure for his brother, and raise awareness. Steen organized a skateboard and concert event, “Boarding for Betes,” with funds supporting the CDA.

“My goal is to help find a cure for diabetes for my brother, for others, and because of the support of a lot of great people, and through the funds Boarding for Betes made, we’re a little closer to achieving that goal. I just want Joel to be able to live without injections .. that’s all,” says Steen.

Volunteer Of The Year Award: Darlene Weger

Incorporating her background as a dietician, she has consistently contributed with her good nature and enthusiasm for traditional Learning Series and Loblaw’s partnership series. She also attends health fairs, forums, expos, TDRP event for The Lions, and more.

Darlene ahas been active as a volunteer since her retirement from Carewest in 2009 – and since 2012 has presented nearly half of the CDA’s public forums.

Volunteer Of The year Award: Dan Poole

After living with diabetes for almost 30 years, Dan suffered a heart attack and decided to make some changes in his life. He joined Team Diabetes in 2013, and has since completed 3 events.

Dan’s passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle has led him to become a passionate advocate for the CDA. He is sharing his story so that others may learn from his experience.

Camp Award: Alberta Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Diabetes Clinic

Camp Jean Nelson, the CDA’s summer camp for children living with type 1 diabetes, has been in operation since 1957.

The Pediatric Diabetes Clinic at Alberta Children’s Hospital stands as one of the longest and most cherished partnerships, having long been the primary providers of medical learship for the camp program.

Outstanding Regional Partnernship Award: Buzz Bishop

I was presented this award for my work spreading awareness for the CDA and Team Diabetes through new and old media. I talk about it on the radio, I blog and tweet about it on the internet, and I’m raising money through every channel I can.

In the past 5 years, I’ve raised nearly $40 000 for Team Diabetes, and won’t stop.

The best part of the afternoon, however, had to be the photos after we accepted our awards. The boys had absolutely no desire to pose and celebrate with daddy.

Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Volunteer Awards

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