To Do List

Easter Island Panoramics

We all have a list of things we wish we could do, want to do or dream of accomplishing during our lifetime.

Here are some of the amazing things I’ve been fortunate to do and the things I still want to get done.

set a guinness world record
visit each continent
go to space camp
break 4 hours in a marathon
make a million dollars
cycle l’alpe d’huez
run with the bulls
invent something
be in the olympics (as an athlete)
throw tomatoes in spain
crush grapes at harvest
make a beef wellington
sabre champagne
see the grand canyon
give a speech people paid to hear
break 80
do 5 minutes of stand-up comedy in a club
write / publish a book
win an industry award
go to the arctic circle
see the northern lights
climb kilimanjaro
go to everest base camp
host my own tv show
go to outer space (ride in virgin galactic)
skate the rideau canal
ride a motorcycle
get my picture taken with bonhomme
dress in drag
see 7+ wonders (pyramids, taj mahal, petra, corcovado, macchu pichu, great wall, chichen itza, colosseum)
recreate the photo of Pop with the Sphynx
host a game show
be on a reality show (survivor, amazing race)
see the hometown team win the stanley cup
complete an ironman (would settle for a half)
watch wimbledon live
interview madonna, justin timberlake,
go in full warpaint to a sporting event
spend the night in a haunted house
celebrate the new year in new york city
see the stanley cup in person (grey cup too)
watch a game at yankees stadium, wrigley field, montreal forum
host a national radio show
interview lady gaga, britney spears, janet jackson, gwen stefani, spice girls, backstreet boys, mick jagger, diddy,
strip on stage for hundreds of women
see a stanley cup final game
ride in a helicopter
right a segway
watch lance armstrong ride, tiger woods swing, pete sampras hit
watch the french open
shave my head
eat whale
have a croissant in paris
eat gelato in rome
rap on stage in front of an audience
get a hole in one
dye my hair blonde
watch soccer in europe
scuba dive with sharks
ride an elephant in thailand
ride a camel in the sahara
climb machu picchu
perform in a halftime show
win a poker tournament in las vegas
ride a bobsleigh
go to the top of the eiffel tower

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