How To See The World … According To Buzz

How To See The World

When I look back over my travel career, I’m happy with how I am seeing this planet.

I have sampled street food in Marrakech‘s Djemma el Fna, I’ve rubbed noses with the moai on Easter Island. I’ve dipped in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland and learned to SUP in Australia. I’ve run a 10k at dawn in Bangkok, and another at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Central Park.

I learned to tango in Buenos Aires, and did the samba in Rio. I’ve played at the birthplace of golf in Scotland, and have watched epic events like the Tour de France and Roland Garros. I’ve met David, Mona Lisa, and Big Ben.

I’ve witnessed sunrise at Machu Picchu and have stayed up all night to watch the Aurora Borealis dance in Alberta. I’ve driven a lunar lander at the Kennedy Space Center, and ridden elephants in Chiang Mai. I’ve been to churches, temples, kasbahs, and mosques.

When I travel I like to take a few steps off the beaten path. Sure, I’ll go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and relax at an all-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta, but I’ve also found time to ride a bike across France camping in random fields and garages.

I’ve played kangaroos, and ate them. I’ve petted guinea pigs, and ate them. I’ve wrestled crocod-, actually, no I haven’t – but I did eat them!

I’ve got a good little tour of this big blue marble going .. so far. And yet there’s still so much to experience.

Scroll through these adventures to get advice, insight, and ideas for your own trip to see the world .. according to Buzz.

General Travel Tips

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City Guides, Adventures, Experiences

USA: New Orleans, Las Vegas,  Disneyland, Disney World, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Montana, Detroit, Washington DC

CANADA: Calgary, Vancouver, Canmore, Banff, Invermere, BC, Alberta

MEXICO: Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos

CARIBBEAN: Cuba, Jamaica

EUROPE: Iceland, France, Italy, Scotland

SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil, Easter Island (Chile), Peru

ASIA: Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan

AFRICA: Morocco

AUSTRALIA: Sydney, Gold Coast

Published Travel Pieces

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