[twitter]THE BREWERY: The Grizzly Paw, Canmore, Alberta
With offerings from sodas to spirits (fall 2014) to a line of local microbrews, the Grizzly Paw also has its own retail shop and restaurant to serve its product. In the shadow of the Three Sisters in Canmore, Alberta, this place is one of my favorites to pop in after a mountain run and grab their Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale.

In November, a 20 000 sq ft stunning new brewery was opened on Old Canmore Road.

“A brewery like the one we’re installing is way more efficient and we’ll be able to make 3,500 litres eight times a day when we’re running full on.” Also more efficient is that production, bottling and storage will all be done under one roof now.

Keeping the original system running at the Main Street location will allow brewmasters to continue to experiment and tweak recipes in small batches. “We’re going to make our seasonal beers there (i.e. pumpkin) and some funky beers you’d never see anywhere else.

“The main reason we went with the new Paw is that we either had to retract, or do this and be a player. More production will allow us to be all over Alberta. We overspent on a lot of things because we’re going to grow. We learned at the Grizzly Paw that you need to have foresight.
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THE BEER: Moose Knuckle Winter Stout

Grizzly Paw Moose Knuckle Winter Stout

TASTING NOTES: via 2013 Craft Beer Advent Calendar
These guys understand rugged, which is why they’ve made this opaque black beer. It has a delicious coffee aroma with a hint of sweet chocolate. The flavour is wonderfully balanced with a great chocolate sweetness balanced against bitterness from coffee.

MY REVIEW: 3/5 on Untappd
Crisp and toasty and smokey. Not as thick as I’d like it to be, and it’s almost fruity with notes of prune.

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