Brunch at Delta Lodge Kananaskis

New Year’s Day Brunch | $36.50 for adults | Delta Lodge at Kananaskis

[twitter]We went out to K Country on New Year’s Day for a hike to Troll Falls – the best family hike in the mountains.

Across the road from the Troll Falls trailhead is the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis. After hearing its praises sung by many locals, we lined up a New Year’s Day brunch at Delta Lodge Kananaskis before our hike.

The hotel was crawling with families. Minivans packed the parking lot and parents with gaggles in tow wandered the lobby pulling skis, skates, and sleds. Check the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis itinerary for the holiday and you see why. Every hour there are crafts, activities, shows, and more.

Made a mental note to look at an escape here over the Family Day Weekend.

Brunch was meh, to be honest. Kids under 6 were free, perfect for our family, but Mom and Dad’s bill topped out at nearly $40 each. There were your usual pastries, salads, pancakes, and carvery stations but nothing that absolutely bowled me over considering the price of admission.

Still, with the kids eating free, it averaged out to a decent total for a family of 4 to have brunch in the Rocky Mountains on New Year’s Day.

brunch at Delta Lodge Kananaskis

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