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[twitter]Here’s the thing about reviewing a restaurant, hotel, or experience: only the remarkable things stand out. If expectations are met, then that’s not remarkable, and you’re likely to be content, but not thrilled. If expectations aren’t met, they will dominate your experience, the same way as if they were exceed. BUT .. it is far easier for a service to NOT meet expectations than exceed them, so that is why most reviews on TripAdvisor and the like dwell on the negative.

Our visit to Copper Point Resort in Invermere was one of those trips where most every expectation was met, few were exceeded, and a couple were not met. On the whole it was a wonderful place for us to spend 3 days swimming, golfing, and adventuring. That said, it was the disappointing aspects of the visit that stood out.

Copper Point Resort

First lesson: Copper Point Resort is not the same as Copper Point Golf. Despite being able to see the first hole of The Ridge Course from much of the resort, the clubhouse is on the other side of the highway, that means it is a 1km walk away. You can arrange a cart to pick you up at the resort, but not for the very early tee times.

WiFi is free in the resort, and there is no password to remember, but the internet access seems to come in waves. It may hum along for 15 minutes, but then hang up for 5. Also, it works the closer to the hallway than it does on the patio.

We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite with a queen in the bedroom and a hideabed in the living room. The hideabed is absolutely unusable. it’s very very very thin, it bows, and is uncomfortable. Pawn it off on the kids, if you must, but if you’re two couples sharing the room, the short straw will be very angry and sleepless the next morning.

The resort advertises having a “sundry market” in their lobby. It only sells chips, pop, snacks, and some personal care items. If you forget your laundry soap, need milk or eggs, or the like, you’ll have to go in to Invermere and visit the Sobey’s for supplies.

The indoor/outdoor pool is a great option, but the shallowest end is only 3ft and it’s pretty small. Bring floatation devices for your non-swimmers or be prepared to carry them the entire time.

2013-07-03 copper point - 03

2013-07-01 Johnston Canyon - 14
View from our patio overlooking 1st Green of Copper Point Golf Ridge Course

The location of Copper Point Resort is right along Highway 93/95 so you’re a quick drive from Invermere to go to either Kinsmen or Cabot Beach, or launch a boat. Being on the highway means it’s a quick run up and down the valley to get to any of the dozens of golf courses. The ski resort at Panorama is about 30 minutes away, the hot springs in Radium are 10 minutes, and Fairmont is 20.

Here’s a video tour of our Copper Point Resort suite with a look at the view of the pool and the Copper Point Golf Course.

At $279 a night, it’s a little (a lot) expensive for our budget. One 3 night excursion here would pay an entire month’s mortgage on a condo in another project. And there are many condo projects being pitched at Albertans up and down the valley. In fact, checking VRBO, you can find condos that sleep 6 right on the lake for less than $200 a night.

We loved the resort, and the amenities, and we’d love to come back but it’s too expensive to make a regular habit.

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