Join Team Diabetes And Get Inspired By Iceland

Iceland is turning up the heat. On marketing.

The country is still reeling from the effects of Eyjafjallajokull and is pulling out all the stops to tell the world they are open for business.

Yes, that really is Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland offering to make you pancakes, if you come. Then he asked other Icelanders to invite the world to come to his country and do some exploring.

Inspired by Iceland is the campaign, and it’s catching on.

I’ve been to Iceland and I loved it. So I’m going back, and you can come with. Team Diabetes has a group getting ready for the Reykjavik Marathon in August 2012. You’ll get all the training and support you need, plus a great visit with the people of the land of ice. In exchange, you spread the word about Team Diabetes and raise some money and do some training.

2003 Iceland Marathon

If you have any questions, just ask me. I’ve done 3 Team Diabetes events before and am thrilled to be heading out for adventure #4, and my 5th marathon.

Come with me to Iceland, they’ve even turned off the volcano! My heart is beating like a jungle drum!! (Yes, I’ll have that song by Emiliana Torrini on my iPod for the race!)

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