Florida, 1975 – Day 3: Arriving At Disney World

Disney 1975

The following is a series of handwritten letters my grandmother filed in a scrapbook for me documenting my visit to Disney World in the spring of 1975. She wrote the entries in my voice as if I was telling them to my parents back home. I am so grateful for this gift. I call it a blog, because it is no different than what I am doing nearly 40 years later when I archive the stories of my kids.

Monday, April 21, 1975

We left our motel at 8:30 this morning and went for breakfast. I had pancakes again. Then grandpa started north to Disney World. On the way we stopped at an orange orchard and we visited the groves and picked a bag of oranges. It was lots of fun. Grandpa, Karen and I climbed the orange trees to get all the good oranges at the top.

Then we started out for Disney World. The traffic got heavier as we got near. We were headed to the Golf Resort in Disney World. It was the only place we could get to be able to stay 2 days. We arrived, Granddad registered us and bought our tickets for Disney World.

We then took a mini bus to the Polynesian Village. We went in and who was there? Goofy! He tickled and tickled me. Nan wanted to take our picture, and he kept putting his hand (or paw) over my face. Then we took the monorail to Disney World. I was so excited. We walked up Main Street and through the castle to Fantasyland. There was so much to see.

We went to the Mickey Mouse Revue. It was super. Then Grandpa bought me a hat. We went to It’s a Small World, Cinderella’s Carousel, Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Peter Pan’s Flight. We went in little pirate ships and sailed over London to Never Neverland. It was great.

And the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Nan didn’t like it. You sit in a cup and saucer and spin round, round. Karen and I made it go fast. Nan was dizzy and felt sick. We laughed at her.

We then went for a ride all around Disney World on the railroad – a steam engine. We got off at Frontierland and we took Tom Sawyer‘s raft to Tom Sawyer’s Island. It was lots of fun. Karen and I went all over the island and Fort San Clemente. We were in a mine, escape tunnel, suspension bridge, and lots of adventures.

We came back and went on the Jungle Cruise. We saw lots of animals. The elephants were squirting water from their trunks and splashed and wet the man driving the boat. The only thing was we lined up for 30 minutes to get on the ride. I didn’t like that.

We also went to the Grand Prix Raceway. I drove Grandpa and Karen drove the race car for her and Nan. We went on the race track and guess what? I beat Nan and Karen! They couldn’t keep up with us. I liked this the best of all. Nan and I went in the General Electric Carousel of Progress. Nan liked it, but I only a little. It was about the progress of electricity. While we were in there, Karen and Grandpa went on the Star Jets. Nan said I was too small for that ride, but I didn’t think so.

It was now 4:30 and we decided to go back to Main Street to see the parade at 5:30. Karen and Grandpa went to the Games Arcade while Nan and I sat on the curb waiting for the parade. It was great. We saw everyone in Disney World, and I bought a Mickey Mouse balloon.

We then left Disney World to come to our motel. It is a super duper one. We just have to walk out the door to the pool! Karen and I went swimming from 6:30-7:30. Nannie came in too. We had lots of fun. Grandpa treated us to a super dinner in our motel room. I came in from the pool, put on my pyjamas and had dinner. We were all so hungry. Roast beef, baked potato, cauliflower, black forest cake for dessert!

I did some colouring and was so tired after my busy day, I went to bed. Nan says I have been a very good boy. Tomorrow I am going to buy everyone a present. Grandpa and Karen have gone to the games room in the Contemporary Hotel. Tonight we hung a card on our bedroom door with what we want for breakfast and then bring it at the time you want it. Nannie says “Yippeee! Breakfast in bed tomorrow!”


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