The following is a series of handwritten letters my grandmother filed in a scrapbook for me documenting my visit to Disney World in the spring of 1975. She wrote the entries in my voice as if I was telling them to my parents back home. I am so grateful for this gift. I call it a blog, because it is no different than what I am doing nearly 40 years later when I archive the stories of my kids.

April 26, 1975

I was the first to awaken this morning. I got out of bed, and went and woke Nanny up by wiggling her nose. We got up and she and I were on the beach at 815. It was beautiful. There was no seaweed being washed in. The water was lovely and warm. There were lots of shells. I picked up some to take to school.

Karen came down around 945, then Grandpa. We stayed on the beach til 1030. Then went to the pool til 1100. We all got dressed and went for brunch. Then Grandpa got the car.

We went over to Port Everglades and we saw all the cruise ships plus the aircraft carrier that came into port yesterday. It was the one that the 9 helicopters came from. It was so huge. It is from England. Then it was back to the hotel and Karen and I went swimming in the pool for a couple of hours.

pool party

Nan says we go home tomorrow, we are all so sad. Grandpa took us out to the Ireland Motel for dinner. It was very nice, right on the ocean. We could watch the ships and sail boats while we ate. Nan has started to pack.

I have had a fun week. I liked Disney World and Circus World the best.

Sunday we leave the motel at 10:30 to drive to Miami from Ft Lauderdale. We turn the car in and get a drive to the airport. We leave Miami at 2:20 and arrive in Montreal at 5:21.

Thank you Mum and Dad for letting me come on holiday with Nan, Grandpa, and Karen.


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