Grand Forks, BC: Famous for Sunshine and Borscht

[twitter]The Borsct Bowl
258 Market Ave Grand Forks BC, V0H 1H0
Phone: 250-442-5977

Nestled along the Canada / US border between the Okanagan and the Kootenays is Grand Forks, BC. Approaching from the west a sign proclaiming Grand Forks Famous For Sunshine and Borscht greets you.

Being married to a Ukranian, you know I was going to be digging in to a bowl of borscht in this town.

Grand Forks is home to a large Doukhobor population and after following a sign that encouraged me to head towards the “City Center” instead of over a bridge and out of town, I stumbled upon The Borscht Bowl.

Wow. Kitschy, local, homemade and everything I was looking for after nearly 5 hours on the road without a meaningful break. With David Bowie’s Greatest Hits blasting over the speakers, I settled down to an authentic vegetarian feast of Borscht, Vorenki and Kalachi – soup, dumplings and cookies.

The borscht I make for Jennifer is a pork based stock with minimal carrots and beet stumps tossed in at the end. This vegetarian feast was crammed full of tomatoes, carrots, beets, onions and dill. The vorenki, was about the size of 4 perogies and while a little doughy, was smothered in butter (instantly making anything better). The kalachi was similar to a light cinnamon bun and was delightful way to wrap things up and head out on the road.

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Incidentally, The Borscht Bowl also sells borscht by the litre for take out. (guess what I’m getting on the way back home for Jennifer?)

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