As soon as I book a flight, I put the confirmation number in my calendar along with the flight number and departure/arrival times. That’s good for remembering my flight info, but it does nothing to help me track the flight status.

Courtesy of Reddit user jasenlee comes an easy travel hack to track your flight status. If you’re logged into your Gmail account and type the words “Flight Status” into Google, the search engine will pull up your personal flight info including your confirmation number, seat, and terminal.

Note: do this in the Google search bar, not in your Gmail search bar. The Gmail search bar simply searches your email content, the Google search bar brings it all together.

And you thought Facebook knew a lot about you.

I’ve got a few flights scheduled in the new year and one search of “Flight Status” in Google gave me all the flights, flight numbers, links to emails, confirmation numbers and all that I need to stay on time.

Google Flight Status Check Via Email

In the Reddit thread, others are reporting Google also updates weather at the destination and travel information to get to the departing airport. Google Now goes a step further giving you a listing of events at the destination and good places to play tourist and take photos.

What’s your travel hack to stay on time and not miss a flight?

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