From the easy tracks of Grassi Lakes, Troll Falls, and Grotto Canyon, to the longer trails up to mountain peaks in the Rockies, getting out and hiking with kids is a great way to get active as a family.

The Rocky Mountains are right in backyard and from glorious mountain peaks, to spacious meadows, to tumbling waterfalls, there’s a trail for everyone to find.

Here are some resources to seek them out and gear you might need as you get ready for a summer of hiking with kids in the Rockies.


Knowing where to go with your kids is the first step in a fun adventure. From young kids to teens seeking a challenge, here are some great resources to find hiking trails in the Rockies for your family.

Take A Hike Rockies BookTake a Hike With Your Children by Lynda Pianosi was the first book I grabbed to get a window into hiking with kids in the Rockies.

She breaks down many trail ideas, gives you lengths and expectations. And, as any good parent will realize, she gives you backup plans. If you have young kids, this is a great first step.

There are a number of great websites devoted to hiking in the Rockies. Big Grey Rocks and Rockies Family Adventures are perfectly catered to finding ideas for getting out with your kids.
Hike Bike Travel and Hiking With Barry will give you more options for older, more experienced kids, or ideas for those days when you feel like leaving the family behind.


Here’s a collection of gear you’ll need to hit the trails this summer. From day packs to baby carriers, poles, to cool hats and hoodies for the kids, Altitude Sports is a Canadian online retailer with a great selection of everything you’ll need to hike in the Rockies this summer.

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Family Hiking Gear


If you need some more ideas of where to pack off with the kids, click this image to find some of my favorite, challenging hikes for kids in the Rockies. They’re a little longer, a little steeper, but the views are worth it.

Disclosure: I received some gear from Altitude Sports in exchange for this featured piece.

Altitude Sports

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