Epic Kid Friendly Rocky Mountain Hikes

There are many kid friendly hikes in the Rockies. You can take them for a stroll up to the many colours of Grassi Lakes, you can wander out to Troll Falls, you can explore in Grotto Canyon, or fight the crowds at Johnston Canyon. All of those are fun, easy hikes for younger kids and the entire family. Grassi Lakes and Troll Falls are jogging stroller friendly and they’re short enough, long enough, and exciting enough to keep everyone entertained.

But when the kids get a little older, when they’re ready for a little more exercise and looking for more adventure, it’s time to challenge them (and you) with longer adventures. When Zacharie was 4, he looked at Ha Ling Peak on our Grassi Lakes adventures and called it “Lost Everest.”  This summer, he’ll tackle it.

For the purposes of these Rocky Mountain hikes, let’s call “Kid-Friendly” as 6 or older. Your gang may be more nimble at 4 or 5, some kids might not be ready to tackle these until they’re 8, but for the mostpart, 6 yr olds should be able to scramble around on these Epic Kid-Friendly Hikes In The Rockies

1. Plain of Six Glaciers – Lake Louise

Hike To Plain Of Six Glaciers

Start at the scenic Chateau Lake Louise and head around the northern edge of Lake Louise, all the way to the back. This is a long hike, and there is an elevation gain through the scree, but it’s not particularly technical. It’s just long. You’re rewarded at the end with a wonderful view and a rest at a tea house before returning back.

Time and distance: 5 hrs, 13 km.
Here’s more info about the PLAIN OF SIX GLACIERS HIKE WITH KIDS

2. Lake Agnes Tea House – Lake Louise

Hike To Lake Agnes

Shorter and steeper than the Plain of Six Glaciers hike, the jaunt up to Lake Agnes is also rewarding with a tea house at the top.

Time and distance: 3 hrs, 7 km.
Here’s more info about the LAKE AGNES TEA HOUSE HIKE WITH KIDS.

3. Bear’s Hump – Waterton Lakes

Hike To Bear's Hump

This quick hike is very steep. Younger kids will complain a bit on the way up, but when you get to the top, the panoramic views of Waterton Lake, the Prince of Wales Hotel, and Waterton townsiteare unbeatable.

Time and distance: 1 hr, 2 km.
Here’s more info about the BEAR’S HUMP HIKE WITH KIDS.

4. Ha Ling Peak – Canmore

Hike To Ha Ling Peak

This is the mountain Zacharie called “Lost Everest” and while young kids can tackle this 819m in elevation, it is a technical trail. Bring poles, watch yourself in the slippery scree, and keep your kids away from the edge.

Time and distance: 4 hrs, 6 km.
Here’s more info about the HA LING PEAK HIKE WITH KIDS.

5. Bow Summit – Icefields Parkway

Hike to Peyto Lake and Bow Summit

This is a wonderful place to take a break along the Icefields Parkway. You can mingle with the tourists at the easy walk to the Peyto Lake viewpoint, and then you can follow the trail to a higher viewpoint, and even further to the Bow Summit. The wildflowers in late summer are wonderful, just watch for the trail, it meanders and is tough to follow in places.

Time and distance: 2.5 hrs, 6km.
Here’s more info about the PEYTO LAKE AND BOW SUMMIT HIKE WITH KIDS.

There are many more kid-friendly hikes in the Rockies your troop could tackle, this list only captures the ones I’ve conquered.

Check out Big Grey Rocks or Rockies Family Adventures blog for more suggestions of where to play in the mountains with your kids.

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