How Many Trees Are In Alberta?

Chesterman Beach, Tofino - March 07

[twitter]I took a road trip east with Zacharie today. The plan was to investigate the dinosaurs of Drumheller, but something else happened along the way – I gained an appreciation for the prairies.

I’ve driven across Canada twice before, but it’s been decades since I’ve really been on the prairies. I grew up in BC with salt on my skin, rain on my face and trees towering over me. A gorgeous landscape for me has different colours, a short horizon and a variety of views.

It’s not like that on the prairies.

There was a segment of the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony that celebrated the prairies. It featured a dancer running in the wind on a field of gold and blue.

It’s a vista millions of Canadians recall as home, but I didnt appreciate it until today.

2010-04-10 road south of Drumheller pano

The entire middle portion of Canada is flat, yellow and blue. Wind replaces salt, sun replaces rain, wheat instead of trees.

And it’s beautiful.

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