How To Do London In A DayYou have a day in London before you head off on the rest of your European adventure. Can you do it? Can you do all of it? Well, you can get the big boxes checked in a day, that’s for sure.

I had a particularly long layover en route home from Paris one trip and met a friend down by the Thames and we managed to squeeze in peeks of Big Ben, Covent Garden, Number 10 Downing, and Trafalgar Square in an afternoon before I hobbled back onto the train to catch the plane home.

You can do London in a day, here’s an itinerary recently carved out by a foodie friend that covers the best of art and shopping along with the touristy stuff:

Big Ben

Most flights from North America to London, are overnighters. If you want to beat the jetlag, stay up as late as you can. So drop your bags, have a shower to freshen up, and then hit the streets.

After you’re smelling fresh and ready to get jolly in ol’ London, take the tube to London Bridge station.

London Tube

Here you can walk west  through Borough Market and Tate Modern.

Tate Mndern Museum

Oh, and you’ll also get a peek of London Bridge in too.

London Bridge

After some sights and culture, get a tube from Waterloo to Camden town. Do Camden Market.

Camden Market
via Moeleck on Flickr

The tube is your friend to get you over to Leicester Square

Leicester Square
via Sergey Yesileev on Flickr

Over there you will walk west down Coventry street through Piccadilly Circus and a visit to Fortnum & Mason.

Piccadilly Circus
via Garry Knight on Flickr

If you’re wiped, have a cuppa at Brown’s Tea Room, walk past Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace
Image via Kevin Hoogheem on Flickr

en route to Harrod’s and then the Victoria & Albert Museum.

via Rohan Travellin on Flickr

Get back to your flat or hotel and collapse.

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How To Do London In A Day

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  1. Heliana January 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    Love this guide! Just came across your blog and I am so happy I did. It will definitely help me out as I continue to travel and grow as a blogger! Thanks:)

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