Crocodile Hunting at El Salado, Puerto Vallarta

[twitter]Zacharie’s favorite show is Wild Kratts. It’s an animal show where two brothers learn about animals in a mix of animation, and real life exploration. So when I was offered a chance to visit El Salado Estuary, a protected estuary in Puerto Vallarta, I jumped at some one-on-one time with Z.

He loved it.  Fernanda took us on a boat ride up the river where we learned about mangroves and hunted in the trees for herons, and maybe a crocodile.

We saw blue herons, white ibis, boat billed herons, and tri-colored ones.  We climbed to the top of a lookout station to view the entire park and saw turkey vultures floating on the thermals.

The entire time, Zacharie was non-stop chattering with our guide about creature powers, different kinds of animals, and all the things he learned.

On the way back, we saw the big one, a croc sunning himself on a red mangrove root.

Back at the center, Zacharie had a chance to run off details about raptors and examine the red hawk, before holding an alligator himself.












El Salado is just a couple of blocks from the port in Puerto Vallarta where the cruise ships dock. On our walk back to the hotel, we stopped on the stairs of Galleria Vallarta and watched the Carnival Miracle do a 180 to back into her berth.

If you’re staying at a resort, or visiting just on a  quick port of call, a jaunt up to El Salado will give you a relaxed look at a different side of Puerto Vallarta. Squint a bit, and you can even imagine the canopied river is an amazonian adventure.

Thank you to Visit Puerto Vallarta for helping arrange some of the excursions during our vacation.

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Crocodile Hunting at El Salado, Puerto Vallarta

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