Day 3: Nelson to Osoyoos [262km – 3h09min]

Nelson to Christina Lake
Christina Lake is said to be the warmest lake in Canada. It is warm, and beautiful. This little cottage town at the south end of the lake is also home to a provincial park. We pulled in and pulled out the barbecue and spent 2 hrs at the lake. The boys swam and dug, we cooked and relaxed. $1.5M to live on this lake that is 9 hrs from Calgary and 7 hrs from Vancouver. It’s that good.

Christina Lake, BC

Christina Lake, BC

Christina Lake to Grand Forks
Grand Forks is home to sunshine, and borscht! This Doukhabour community has borscht everywhere. I went in to a coffee shop looking for a cold drink for the ride, and I came out smelling like borscht. Such a cute place to get some soup.

Grand Forks Borscht Bowl

Grand Forks to Greenwood
Greenwood, BC is the smallest city in Canada. You’d be hard pressed to say it’s even a town, or a village, or even a hamlet, but Greenwood is indeed a city. It’s also home to the best tasting drinking water in the country. As with Torrington, this is a town that turns up the volume on its boasting to try and drum up tourism.

Greenwood, BC

Greenwood, BC

Greenwood to Osoyoos
Stop at the top of Anarchist Mountain to get a view of the valley and then wind your way into the heat of the day.

Osoyoos Lake from Anarchist Mountain

Fruit stands will start to dot the highway, so you can stock up on what you need for your say, or find an Okanagan orchard to pick your own.

Okanagan Orchard

On the eastern edge of town is the Nk’mip winery. More than a winery, it’s also a resort and cultural center and worth a visit.

View from Nk'mip

Then get yourself to the lake, that’s why you came!

Sunset on Osoyoos Lake


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  2. Yetunde (@mytwintopia) August 24, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    Just dis a Calgary-Edmonton-Jasper-Kamloops-Vancouver-Calgary over 7 days. I really wanted to do a Salmon Arm stop on the way back but we decided to drive straight instead. Maybe next time. Your trip is already inspiring my next time 🙂

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